Video Gaming for Mental Health: A New Horizon in Therapy

Video Game Therapy

The world of therapy is ever-evolving, and innovative methods are continually emerging to enhance mental well-being. One such method gaining momentum is video game therapy, a topic extensively explored in a recent article by Medicinal Media. In this post, we delve into the therapeutic potential of video games and highlight insights from professionals, including a mention of the work done at

The Connection Between Gaming and Mental Health

Video games have often been seen as a form of entertainment, but the landscape is changing. For Charon Gladfelter, a lifelong gamer, video games provided a way to connect and find solace during lonely times. The interactive nature of games allows individuals to explore virtual worlds, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and emotional development.

Therapeutic Benefits of Gaming

The article mentions various professionals, including therapists, who have embraced video games as a therapeutic tool. Games are being used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. The controlled environment of video games offers a safe space for individuals to explore emotions, build resilience, and develop coping strategies.

Monet Goldman's Contribution to the Field

In the Medicinal Media article, Monet Goldman from is mentioned for her significant contribution to the field of video game therapy. Monet’s work has helped redefine therapy, bringing the power of gaming into therapeutic settings. By combining traditional therapeutic methods with gaming, Monet has created a bridge between technology and mental health, offering a fresh perspective on treatment.

Future Perspectives

The integration of video games into therapy is not just a fleeting trend but a promising avenue for mental health treatment. With continued research and development, video gaming could become a mainstay in therapeutic practices, providing an engaging and effective way to address mental health challenges.

Explore Therapy Options with Monet Goldman

The emergence of video gaming as a therapeutic tool is an exciting development in the world of mental health. The recent article by Medicinal Media sheds light on this novel approach, highlighting the work of professionals like Monet Goldman from As we continue to explore innovative ways to enhance mental well-being, video gaming may prove to be not just a game but a powerful tool for healing.

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