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Welcome! I’m Janine Rabinovich, a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker in California, dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential.

Backed by a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I bring a wide array of experience from varied clinical settings, including residential homes for kids, teens, seniors, a college campus, tele-therapy for adults, and addiction treatment centers. I specialize in working with adults, providing guidance in areas such as anxiety, relationship challenges, addiction, confidence building, and motivation enhancement.

In my therapeutic practice, I utilize a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach, fostering connections between thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. My aim is to be a positive support system, helping clients move closer to their life goals and develop a healthy lifestyle. I prioritize creating a safe and nonjudgmental space where clients can freely express their feelings, opinions, struggles, and perspectives.

Outside the therapy room, my passions extend to exploring different cultures through traveling, gaining insights that enrich my professional practice. As a self-care advocate, I find solace in nature, frequently engaging in activities like hiking and camping. Yoga is also a pivotal part of my routine, promoting both my mental and physical wellness.

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Janine Rabinovich

Break free from challenges.